Since 1947

My great grandfather started our company in 1947.
His aim was to assist companies in finding the highest qualities of essential oils from around the world. Four generations later, we have withstood the test of time by always adapting, improving, and standing by the belief of providing only the best to our clients.

We’ve been able to do so for 7 decades by creating friendships with producers worldwide who have these similar values. During those years we shared our essential oils with businesses and now we’re so proud to finally share them directly to the consumer with an innovative new product like no other Aroma Stickers.  

Yuma Yamamoto
Yamamoto Perfumery USA

Our Belief

Life can be stressful and wearing a mask has become the new norm which can add to that feeling. The situations are endless whether you’re a hero in healthcare working the frontlines, a parent running errands for the family, a contractor surrounded by dust and debris, or you just want to wind down at the end of the day.

One way to make moments more enjoyable is with Aroma Stickers. Choose the scent of your choice and rest assured that we only use high quality essential oils. Breathe in and escape to mother nature.

It’s that simple.

Anytime and anywhere without the mess.

Our Commitment

We are an ISO 9001 certified facility focused on quality products and services that meet regulatory requirements. We use the latest cutting-edge analytical instruments and strive to provide high quality products that are safe and sustainable.

High quality 100% natural essential oils are shipped to us through our producers around the world. Every lot received at our Japan facility is tested in our state of the art laboratory by our in house specialist to meet our standards.


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